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About uTalk

Join uTalk on a transformative journey in language education. With a legacy of over 30 years, uTalk is a pioneering language technology company based in London, UK, dedicated to unlocking the potential of learners of English and many other languages worldwide.

Our Mission

At uTalk, we understand the importance of English as a global language and its impact on educational and economic opportunities. Our mission is to empower educators and learners with the tools they need to succeed in today's interconnected world.

Our Approach

Through an innovative blend of visual learning, native speaker audio, and interactive games, uTalk offers a dynamic and engaging platform for English language acquisition. Our approach emphasises practical communication skills, enabling learners to thrive in diverse linguistic environments.

English language is no longer just a subject at school but has become a life skill criticial not just for personal or professional use but also in helping drive investment


- The British Council


Our range of Educational Services

Language Deployment

Integrate uTalk into your institution to revolutionise English language instruction and learning outcomes.

Specialist Language Teaching

From business English to academic English, uTalk provides specialised language teaching solutions tailored to the unique needs of Mongolia.

Teacher Training

We elevate English proficiency among Mongolian educators with our hybrid training courses, combining cutting-edge technology with personalized coaching.

Pre and Post Testing

Measure English proficiency with our comprehensive testing services, tracking progress and facilitating continuous improvement.


Previous Educational Initiatives

Empowering Ministries

uTalk collaborates with education ministries globally, including initiatives in Thailand, Malaysia, USA, India, Scandinavian countries and South Korea, to enhance English language education and literacy.

Enriching Classrooms

Through partnerships with Mongolian educational institutions, uTalk is supplementing classrooms with interactive learning resources and teacher support.

Global Partnerships

At uTalk, we have considerable experience in working on large-scale projects. Leading universities in the UK, US and worldwide have embraced uTalk's language library, enriching English language programs and fostering international collaboration.


Case Study:  Training Course - Chiangrai, Thailand

250 teachers took part in an English Language Teacher Training Course developed by uTalk.  Upon completion of the course participants had increased their language level by one CEFR level and have reported successfully applying the new teaching skills they acquired.

This project was so good, it helped me a lot in improving myself in both my English skills and my teaching skills.


Why Choose uTalk?


Comprehensive Learning

With a focus on English as a foreign language, uTalk offers a wide range of resources tailored to the needs of Mongolian learners.

Proven Educational Impact

With over 30 million users worldwide, uTalk's approach to English language learning has been validated by educators and learners alike.

Commitment to Mongolia

uTalk is committed to supporting English education initiatives in Mongolia, bridging linguistic divides and fostering a brighter future for Mongolian learners.

Access to our Award
Winning App

Featuring over 150 hours of learning and up to 90 topics of useful everyday language available on most devices on and off line.

Progress Tracking and

Using the robust tracking tools built in to our Dashboard technology enables teachers to monitor individual student progress, identify areas for improvement, and tailor their instructional approach accordingly.


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