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Participant Instructions

LangFest and the uTalk team are excited to welcome you to our series of fun language quizzes that’ll get you all warmed up for Polyglot Conference Global in just a few weeks’ time.


Our quizzes will take place every Friday from 4th September up to (and including) 9th October. That’s six chances for you to show off your language prowess and try and get that top spot!


Whether you can make it to just one or all six, our Quiz Masters can’t wait for you to join and start getting excited for the biggest polyglot event of the year.


We’ll be using a combination of Zoom and Kahoot to run the quizzes so if you’ve used them before, you know what you’re in for. If not, we’ve got some instructions to help you out.


You will need:


  • one device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet) to join the Zoom and view the questions

  • another device to take part in the quiz*

  • Zoom installed on your device (do that here)

  • yourself and all your language knowledge!


*Alternatively, if you have a laptop, you could have Zoom running and use Kahoot in a browser window. Just make sure you can see both at the same time!


How to join the quizzes:


  • sign up for email alerts at the bottom of this page – you’ll be notified an hour before the quiz begins

  • on the day of the quiz, click the link in your email to join the call

  • make sure to select ‘speaker view’ so you can see the questions

  • you will be muted during the call but can choose whether to have your video on or not

  • when the Quiz Masters tell you, go to Kahoot (

  • enter the unique six-digit pin and press ‘Enter’

  • enter a username – make sure this matches the name you’re using on Zoom to ensure you get your prize

  • tap ‘OK, go!’ You’ll see your username appear on screen and you’ll be all ready to start quizzing!

Not quite sure how this all works? Check out our how-to video below!



Doing the quiz (aka the important bit):


  • you’ll see the quiz questions on Zoom; the corresponding multiple choice answers will appear on whichever device (or browser) you’re using Kahoot on

  • you’ll have ten seconds to select an answer

  • once the ten seconds are up, you’ll see the correct answer on Zoom, followed by the leaderboard (on your Kahoot view, you’ll see your position)

  • feel free to type comments in the Zoom chat if you have any questions or want to interact with other participants. We will have a moderator available at all times to help you out

  • there are three rounds per quiz (easy, medium, hard); each round has ten questions

  • at the end of each round, you’ll see a final leaderboard. If you’re in the top three, you’ll win a prize! To claim this, email with the username you used on Zoom/Kahoot.

  • after each round, you will need to exit and re-enter Kahoot. A new six-digit pin will be provided by the Quiz Masters.

We can’t wait to see you soon. Until then, happy language learning!


Emily and Tetsu

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