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uTalk – quick look

uTalk – quick look

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More than 30 million people worldwide have used the uTalk method to learn a new language.

Join them with our new easy-to-use app.

  • Up to 60 topics in Japanese.

  • Be prepared for any situation - when travelling or meeting new people

  • Games and intuitive software make your learning fun and rewarding

  • Listen to native speakers and then have a go yourself.

  • Learn on or offline, anywhere.

Works on most smartphones, tablets & web browsers

Choose your subscription. Access anywhere, even offline, on any device.


About Japanese

Learn Japanese with uTalk and you will be speaking an East Asian language spoken primarily in Japan. Japanese makes extensive use of Chinese characters (or kanji) but has no genetic relationship with Chinese. Japanese is a member of the Japonic language family, which also includes the languages spoken throughout the Ryukyu Islands.

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System Requirements:

Android 4.4

iOS 9

Windows 7

Mac OS 10.10

Kindle Fire OS

(or newer versions)

What are the system requirements?


You can learn on any device, and move between them as

often as you like

Can I learn on my smartphone or tablet?


uTalk is perfect

for beginners of

any age.

Does it work 
for beginners?

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