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Get ready for Expolingua

Learn speaking and listening skills in 145 languages with this exclusive offer!

Tap the button below to get 50% off all languages currently available on our app. 

uTalk uses recordings of native speakers and games to help you learn useful words and phrases in 145 different languages. No grammar, no fuss - just a quick way to get results and raise a smile no matter where you are in the world.


And did you know you can learn any of the languages on our app from almost any of uTalk’s 145 languages?  (See below).


See you at the conference!

The uTalk Team

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  • Learn from any of uTalk’s 145 languages. If uTalk hasn’t automatically selected your preferred language, go to the Settings menu (the cog icon in the top right-hand corner) and click on “application language” to choose which language you want.


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