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On your way to help?

uTalk language learning would like to give you FREE Portuguese words and phrases to support your work in Mozambique.


Just click the button below to download the app and we’ll unlock more than 250 words and phrases for you to learn - or just listen to and repeat as and when you need them.


The words, all voiced by native speakers, include the following eight topics:


*Disaster Relief - Do you need help?

*Disaster Relief - Emergencies

*First Words




*Numbers to 20



The uTalk app works on all mainstream smartphones, tablets and computers.  You can use it off-line by downloading the content first. 


Finally, you don’t have to be an English speaker to use the app.  Its help function automatically defaults to the language of your device from a choice of 100+. 


Questions? Contact


Thank you for helping people facing difficult circumstances.

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