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Join the growing uTalk community and help share our languages with the world.


Perks & Promos

Our affiliates help uTalk reach people all over the globe and in doing so we are building a vibrant community dedicated to preserving endangered languages and promoting language learning.


As a thank you we like to give something back. Whether it's  opportunities for you to earn commission on any sales you generate or exclusive promotions for you to share with your own audience. 

Speak to us today to discuss what's right for you.

Build your community

As a uTalk affiliate you'll get access to our dashboard feature which can help you build a language community of your own.

Use this fantastic tool to engage your audience in competition and to track how well people are doing with the reports function.

Get in touch today to talk about some of the exciting ways you could use the dashboard to add even more to your communities language learning.

Easy to set-up and grow

We know everyone has their own ideas about the kind of affiliate they want to be, and we work closely with you to make sure you'll get the most out of the experience.

At uTalk we pride ourselves on being small enough to give you a personal touch but ambitious enough to provide you with something of real value.

Click the Become an affiliate button, fill out the form and we will help you from there.

Apply today and find out how our affiliates program can help you.

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